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Ladies Group CARE Program



Hemophilia of South Carolina’s CARE Program exists to support and empower women and girls who are affected by a bleeding disorders whether they have been diagnosed as having a bleeding disorder, are a caretaker of someone with a bleeding disorder; child or spouse/significant other, brother or sister, or they themselves are carriers of a genetic bleeding disorder. Objectives of the program include but are not limited to:

  • To empower and equip women with knowledge and support by learning from others with shared practical knowledge from personal experiences in a safe, warm and inviting atmosphere activity
  • Helping to facilitate conversations on issues relating to being affected by a bleeding disorder and working within the group to find practical solutions for their everyday life situations
  • Gain knowledge from participants and guest speakers about bleeding disorders and how to manage them in particular ways
  • Empower women and girls to obtain the best medical care and supportive services and resources
  • Build bonding relationships for future advocacy needs, support and friendships
  • Help to facilitate and increase knowledge and awareness about the symptoms and treatment of bleeding disorders and share ways to encourage more awareness to the general public and healthcare professionals.

DECEMBER 3rd at 7:00pm

Understanding How to Best Manage Your Bleeding Disorder: Women Matter in Bleeding Disorders

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Join us for a virtual holiday night out for women, sponsored by Takeda in partnership with HSC!

Join HSC in partnership with Takeda for this exciting interactive session on women’s healthcare in bleeding disorders. Women with bleeding disorders face unique challenges that are often unrecognized or underappreciated. Learn how to understand some of the special challenges faced by women with bleeding disorders and identify options for emotional support within the community.

Public Outreach 2017

Learn more about who we are, what we do and how we support the bleeding disorders community of South Carolina.

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