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Infusion Clinics and Workshops


Learning to self-infuse is an important component to independence for individuals with hemophilia or bleeding disorders which require treatment care of infusion therapy. Understanding how to self-infuse, mix medications, understand dosing needs, and how to administer treatment is important. BDASC partners throughout the year with our Hemophilia Treatment Center staff and HTC nurses to provide our members additional self-infusion education. Often, children are given the opportunity to learn self-infusion when they go off to summer camp and become encouraged by their peers. We provide mentoring opportunities at all our camps for our children and their families. We are excited to provide the additional self-infusion education to the entire family. BDASC’s teen retreat is a perfect example of the importance of learning self-infusion whereas teens can go off to camp and independently self-infuse in the morning before they engage in a day filled with adventure and fun.

Information will follow on the next opportunity to provide this important service to our members.