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National Hemophilia Foundation and Hemophilia Federation of America Educational Conference Travel Grant Scholarships


The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize the relentless efforts of Mr. Joe Caronna. Joe provided the bleeding disorders community and local national chapters education and communications, dedicated to meeting the emotional, informational and supportive needs of those living with bleeding disorders. Joe was the CEO and founder of Inalex Communications. The Company’s name was dedicated to his son who lives with hemophilia- Alex. Thus the name, “In-Alex”- Inalex. Inalex Communications was built around Building Communities with Hope, Information and Inspiration. Bleeding Disorders of South Carolina honors the relationship we with Joe as he brought his Inalex Communication workshops to our community for many years. He was a man with a deep love and care for our community. He assisted, counseled, and touched the hearts and lives of thousands of individuals in the bleeding disorder community. His laughter, warmth and compassion will always be remembered. Joe, upon his passing, left behind a family and a young adult son, Alex.

To honor Joe in the spirit of education and support, BDASC will provide annually one young adult between the ages of 18-35 who has a diagnosis of hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease or other bleeding disorder condition and is a current Chapter member a scholarship to attend the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Bleeding Disorders Conference (BDC).

What is provided?

  • Meeting hotel room costs for three nights during the meeting; Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • Travel grant up to $350.00 to attend the meeting
  • Paid registration fee for meeting attendance
  • Total cannot exceed $ 1,500.00

Who is eligible?

  • Must be an active registered member of BDASC
  • Has to have a confirmed diagnosed bleeding disorder
  • Must be available to travel alone or may bring a spouse, family member, or other at their own expense
  • Must fill out in full the application form and provide the essay requirement

We may also provide additional grants to families or individuals affected by bleeding disorders so that they may attend an educational event of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) or Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) as our funding revenue allows.

The grants may be used for event registration fees, transportation to the event, or lodging during the event time only. Priority may be given to families or individuals who 1) have a child who has recently been diagnosed with hemophilia or other bleeding disorder, or 2) had no previous knowledge of the disease prior to their child being diagnosed, or 3) have not attended the selected event in the past. BDASC travel grants are intended for South Carolina residents and BDASC members.